What can we do for you?.

Senior Flexonics offers a full service solution to ensure that the needs of the customer are fully achieved. From concept design to prototyping, development and performance testing through to detailed design and serial production.

Listed below are details of our capabilities;


  • 1D Calculation

    Using a complex calculation model we can accurately predict the width and length of the plate required to meet your specifciation. Our 1D calculation also predicts important performance features such as plate profile cross sectional area, pressure drop, heat exchange, surface area, gas out temperature, water out temperature, number of plates required and effectiveness. Once we have established the design criteria of the plate and required number we can then model and colerate the calculations using CFD.

  • Catia Design

    Senior Flexonics use Catia V5  to model all our products and solutions. We put these resources to work for all our customers as standard. Catia design is the backbone of our design process, with it we provide design support for every link in supply chain and has become the standard used by many tooling and machine supplier, by using Catia we can also provide exceptional technical clarity for customers and suppliers alike ensuring that we will accurately meet your specified requirements. Senior Fleonics has 5 Catia workstations utilised expertly by our skilled design engineers.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an engineering method that calculates flow fields and other physics in detail for an application of interest. ANSYS uses a multidisciplinary approach to simulation in which fluid flow models integrate seamlessly with other types of physics simulation technologies. The CFD, or fluids, simulation results can be used as part of a Simulation Driven Product Development process to illustrate how a product or process operates, to troubleshoot problems, to optimize performance and to design new products.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    Senior Flexonics use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict, through numerical modeling, the behavior of a component when subjected to operating situations. The criteria can be temperature or pressure or a combination of both. This enables us to predict durabillity and assess material choices so that early in the development process we can establish basic ground rules that will ensure a durable effective solution.

  • Mass Serial Production

    Senior Flexonics utilise our core engineering strengths to ensure that during the development process every effort is made to ensure the final product is optimised for serial production. This combined with the latest in assembly equipment, such as robitic TIG, MIG and Laser welding cells, Vacuum braze ovens and bespoke assembly cells and continous improvement  techniques will ensure high quality durable product.

  • Protoyping

    Once the design has been fully assessed and the performance has been predicted using CFD and FEA, we will create a full detailed drawing pack in readiness for a prototype sample build. We have a full prototyping department at Senior Flexonics manned by skilled technicians who hand build the first off prototypes to be tested and validated to ensure fit and functionability.

  • Testing and Validation

    Senior Flexonicsensure the validation and durability of the designs by performance and endurance testing. 

    In house testing facilities include:

    Thermal Performance Measurement

    Thermal Cycle

    Pressure Cycle

    Vibration Durability

    Burst Test

    Freeze Test

    Salt Spray Chamber