Senior Flexonics launch innovative Stage V solution

posted on: Oct 1, 15

Introducing the finned Co-axial Cooler; designed specifically to bring your <56kW engine in line with EU Stage V. Itís a lightweight, routable & highly effective EGR cooler, which can be perfectly tailored to meet your needs. The finned Co-axial Cooler takes our patented co-axial cooler technology and adds a highly effective internal fin to increase temperature drop and reduce pressure drop even further. This innovation is capable of reducing exhaust gas temperatures by over 150?c in as little as 8cm of cooled length. The power range most significantly affected by the proposed new legislation is 19-36kW; reducing Particulate Matter by 85%, and NOx/Hydrocarbon emissions by 37%. This will impact applications where size and weight are at a premium. We developed and perfected this design for the passenger car market, so it is a natural evolution to extend this proven technology into off-highway applications. As well as acting as a stand-alone cooler for low power engines, the finned Co-axial Cooler can act as a supplementary cooler to EGR systems on higher power engines, allowing our customers to upgrade their existing technology with minimal disruption. Get in touch to see how we can take the heat out of the decision for you: Only from a company completely dedicated to innovation.