Innovative leader in the manufacture of aerospace products

About Senior Weston

Founded in 1948 as a small family enterprise, Senior Aerospace Weston has grown into a world class globally competitive organisation.

Our experience and core capabilities support multiple segments of an aircraft’s build, including the manufacture of engine compressor and fan components, engine pylon mounting brackets, pintles, wing ribs and associated aero-structure components.

At Senior Aerospace Weston we are passionate about operational excellence and are an innovative leader in the manufacture of aerospace products. We aim to support our customers with a complete solution, including supply chain management and delivery of line-side kits where appropriate.

With over 90% of its business comprising contracts of typically 10 years ormore, Senior Weston EU develops longterm partnerships with customers that deliver value for both parties. By understanding customer needs and expectations the Company can ensure its involvement in evermore sophisticated and complex manufacturing programmes.

Work packages are assessed by complexity to establish the optimal location for manufacture – high complexity projects being manufactured predominately in the UK, complemented by the opportunity to supply lower complexity components from the Thai facility backed by UK technical support.

Weston EU operates from two autonomous facilities based in Lancashire UK, close to the motorway network. The two facilities consist of our aerofoil division and the aero-structures division, which together total 120,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.