Senior offers a fully engineered solution, from design concept through to high volume manufacture.


We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to solving technical problems, which we have used to develop trusted partnerships with customers and suppliers around the world.


Using a complex calculation model we can accurately predict the product parameters in order to meet your specification. 

Our 1D calculation also predicts important performance features such as cross sectional area, pressure drop, heat exchange, surface area, fluid temperatures and effectiveness. Once we have established the design criteria of the part, we can then model and correlate the calculations using CFD.


Senior Flexonics use a suite of design software to model our products and solutions.

At Senior Flexonics, we use CAD throughout the product lifecycle, from concept through to production. This enables us to work closely with all stakeholders, from customers to suppliers, to deliver a part that meets customer requirements.


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an engineering method that calculates flow fields and other physics in detail for an application of interest.

Throughout the design process we use CFD software extensively to optimise product performance.


Senior Flexonics use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict, through numerical modeling, the behavior of a component when subjected to operating situations.

The criteria can be temperature or pressure or a combination of both. This enables us to predict durability and assess material choices so that early in the development process we can establish basic ground rules that will ensure a durable effective solution.


On completion of the design and predictive phase, the prototype builds can commence. At Senior Crumlin, our skilled technicians manufacture prototypes utilising a range of processes, including laser welding and vacuum brazing. In addition to supplying prototypes to our customers, parts are also tested and validated to ensure fit and functionality.


Senior Flexonics ensure the validation and durability of the designs by performance and endurance testing.


Throughout the development process, the product is optimised for series production.

Using the latest in assembly equipment such as robotic TIG, MIG and Laser welding cells, Vacuum braze ovens and bespoke assembly cells and continuous improvement techniques will ensure high quality durable product.