A global customer base in a variety of market sectors

Market Sectors

Whether it’s combustion, hybrid or electric drivetrains, battery cooling or fuel cell applications, we use our knowledge and expertise to meet any customer requirement. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to solving technical problems, which we have used to develop trusted partnerships with customers across a wide variety of market sectors.


Combined with clean, renewable energy sources, electric vehicles could soon make emission-free mobility a reality. We are using our wealth of knowledge to implement creative solutions, enabling our customers to maximise battery life and develop highly efficient range extender technologies.


Demand for mild, full or plug-in technology is on the rise globally, driving a requirement for multiple drive architectures. Our expertise in a vast array of applications gives our customers the flexibility to develop efficient, market leading propulsion technologies to meet this growing demand.


Our key focus for combustion engines is to improve fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Increasingly strict legislation requires innovative engineering. We combine decades of manufacturing expertise with the latest technologies to ensure our customers are always one step ahead.


With an ever-growing global demand for energy, the need for clean and efficient sources is greater than ever before. We are working with some of the world’s leading companies to develop clean, local sources of energy generation, whilst dramatically improving efficiency and energy security.


Senior aftermarket’s emissions led products have found themselves in many new industries than just passenger car where we started in the 1990’s and we are now established in almost all industries where exhaust systems rely on after-treatment.

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