Efficient, Market Leading Propulsion Technologies


Demand for mild, full or plug-in technology is on the rise globally.

Demand for mild, full or plug-in technology is on the rise globally, driving a requirement for multiple drive architectures.

Our expertise in a vast array of heat exchanger applications gives you the flexibility to develop efficient, market leading propulsion technologies to meet this growing demand.

  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation 
(EGR) Coolers

    Senior provide a wide range of bespoke EGR Heat Exchangers, including Shell & Tube, Plate & Fin and our patented Co-axial Cooler. Our heat exchangers have up to 95% efficiency, are highly resistant to fouling and are scalable to match performance requirements.

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  • Common Rail

    Forged Common Rail involves the pre forming and rolling of materials to established specifications. The rail is then forged and trimmed to final tolerances.

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  • Flexible Exhaust Connectors

    Senior Flexonics is the world’s leading supplier of exhaust connectors. We design, Engineer and manufacture non-load supporting under body flex and self supporting flex couplings to match each vehicle’s unique platform.

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  • Waste Heat Recovery

    Waste Heat Recovery is the use of thermal energy that would otherwise be transferred to the environment to accomplish a useful function.

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  • Fluid Transfer Tubing

    Senior Flexonics Engineers and manufactures fluid transfer tubes, including turbo oil drain tube assemblies, for the world’s leading brands.

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  • Battery Thermal Management

    Our Battery Thermal Management systems are designed to maintain stack temperatures within extremely tight tolerances, ensuring safety, performance and battery life are optimised.

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  • Fuel Cell & Range Extender Heat Exchangers

    Range autonomy is one of the main barriers for the commercial success of electric vehicles, and extending the vehicle's range when the battery is depleted helps alleviate range anxiety.

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  • Recuperators and Cathode Air Preheaters (CAPH)

    Senior has developed high efficiency recuperators and cathode air pre-heaters capable of operating at extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Applications include mCHP systems and range extenders, among others.

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