Our full range of products can be tailored to meet your exact needs

OUR Products

Whether it’s a combustion, hybrid or electric drivetrain, battery cooling or a fuel cell application, our products are fully bespoke to the customer’s needs. We have decades of knowledge, experience and expertise that is backed up by our outstanding quality record and trusted partnerships with customers all over the globe.

Senior offer a fully engineered solution, from design concept through to high volume manufacture.


Thermal management in electric vehicles is of significant importance, in terms of both performance and safety.

Our Battery Thermal Management systems are designed to maintain stack temperatures within extremely tight tolerances, ensuring safety, performance and battery life are optimised.

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Senior provide a wide range of bespoke EGR Heat Exchangers, including Shell & Tube, Plate & Fin and our patented Co-axial Cooler. Our heat exchangers have up to 95% efficiency, are highly resistant to fouling and are scalable to match performance requirements.

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Our corrugated thin-wall, flexible EGR tube provides high-temperature durability and minimizes installation problems.

Our purpose-designed EGR bellows reduce vibration between the EGR cooler and the engine. These EGR solutions are available to both the passenger vehicle and heavy-duty diesel engine markets.

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Senior Flexonics Engineers and manufactures fluid transfer tubes, including turbo oil drain tube assemblies, for the world’s leading brands. We understand metal characteristics and their inherent benefits of one vs. the other. With decades of field data and applied experience we can assist you with complex 3D geometries and customize the flexibility vs. stiffness of the tube to meet installation constraints

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Senior Flexonics is the world’s leading supplier of exhaust connectors. We design, Engineer and manufacture non-load supporting under body flex and self supporting flex couplings to match each vehicle’s unique platform. We are an established and trusted OEM supplier and resource to some of the world’s leading brands

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Senior has developed high efficiency recuperators and cathode air pre-heaters capable of operating at extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Applications include mCHP systems and range extenders, among others.

Working with the world’s leading Fuel Cell and mCHP system manufacturers, our CAPH has proven its robustness through millions of hours of in-field and laboratory testing.

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