Thermal management in electric vehicles is of significant importance, in terms of both performance and safety.

EV Batteries are susceptible to fluctuating temperatures caused by both internal and external factors, and can become damaged or degraded if exposed to temperatures outside their optimal range. This is especially relevant when operating in extreme ambient temperatures, or during rapid charging.

Our Battery Thermal Management systems are designed to maintain stack temperatures within extremely tight tolerances, ensuring safety, performance and battery life are optimised.

Heat Exchange Plates
With years of experience in designing and manufacturing liquid cooled heat exchangers for the land vehicle market, we have developed a number of systems to ensure precise temperature control of the battery module. Our systems are designed to maximise power density, whilst minimising package space, weight, and coolant pressure drop.

  • Stainless Steel plates with extremely tight flatness tolerances allow us to fit in very tight package spaces (3mm plate height).
  • Aluminium extrusions allow the heat exchanger plate to be integrated into the battery module structure, removing the need for additional components.
  • Glass filled nylon manifolds allow precise coolant control to maximise heat exchange efficiency, whilst minimising cost.

Coolant Tubes
We are experts in manufacturing thin walled tubing for a variety of fluid transfer applications. Combined with our heat exchange plates, we offer expertly flow-balanced systems to ensure your battery is maintained at its optimum working temperature.

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