Senior provide a wide range of bespoke EGR Heat Exchangers, including Shell & Tube, Plate & Fin and our patented Co-axial Cooler. Our heat exchangers have up to 95% efficiency, are highly resistant to fouling and are scalable to match performance requirements.

  • Co-axial Coolers: Lightweight stainless steel tube-in-tube design. Compact & routable, with up to 5 bends. High degree of mechanical flexibility and ideal for high temperature applications. Unique patented design.
  • Shell & Tube Coolers: Effectiveness up to 95%. Low thermal stresses. Withstands high cyclic pressures. Scalable to match performance requirements.
  • Plate & Fin Coolers: Our most power-dense cooler. Highly resistant to fouling. Effectiveness up to 95%.
    Scalable to match performance requirements.

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