Senior Flexonics engineers and manufactures bespoke fluid transfer tubing solutions for the world’s leading brands in the land vehicle market. Whether is it EV, ICE or Hybrid propulsion, we understand each application has unique dynamic characteristics and requires engineered solutions.

As a full-service supplier to major Global OEM’s, we have decades of field data and applied experience to be able to assist you with making the right decisions with regards to material & design selection,ensuring performance & durability targets are met. In-house engineering capabilities, such as FEA and test rig validation, are used to optimise performance through customization of the flexibility vs. stiffness of the tubes.

Our solutions can transfer various fluids, such as oil lubricants, coolants, gas orair. With our global footprint, we can offer manufacturing localisation in all regions across the world.

Senior are experts in manufacturing thin-walled stainless steel tubes, for a variety of fluid transfer applications. Using in-house hydroforming techniques, we can form corrugations into the tubes,ensuring sufficient flexibility, whist removing the need for softer rubber flexible sections and their inherent cost & engineering disadvantages.

Combined with our heat exchanger or battery coolant plates, we can offer expertly flow-balanced systems to ensure your battery coolant system is maintained at its optimum working temperature.

Our extensive range offers our customers various options including, aluminium tubes, plastic tubes & rubber hoses.

  • Thin Walled Stainless Steel Technology: Cost effective lightweight stainless steel tube design. Compact & routable, with hydro-forming capability to optimise vibration & durability characteristics, reducing leak paths.
  • Aluminium Tubing: Lightweight material, many grades available to suit application and highly corrosion resistant.
  • EPDM Rubber Tubing: For additional flexibility and electrical isolation.
  • Plastic Tubing: Ultra-lightweight and cost-effective, coolant resistant plastic tubing suitable for under body battery coolant fluid transfer.
  • Mild Steel TubingLow carbon steel options available with surface treatment for corrosion resistance.

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