Senior Flexonics Engineers and manufactures fluid transfer tubing, including turbo oil drain tube assemblies, for the world’s leading brands. We understand metal characteristics and their inherent benefits of one vs. the other. With decades of field data and applied experience we can assist you with complex 3D geometries and customize the flexibility vs. stiffness of the tube to meet installation constraints.

We are experts in manufacturing thin walled tubing for a variety of fluid transfer applications. Combined with our heat exchange plates, we offer expertly flow-balanced systems to ensure your battery is maintained at its optimum working temperature.

  • Thin Walled Stainless Steel Technology: Lightweight stainless steel tube design. Compact & routable, with hydro-forming capability to optimise vibration & durability characteristics, reducing leak paths.
  • Aluminium Tubing: Lightweight material, many grades available to suit application and highly corrosion resistant.
  • EPDM Rubber Tubing: For additional flexibility and electrical isolation.

FLUID TRANSFER TUBes: Click the images above to view larger images and browse the gallery.

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